Nice PR on our Spear & Jackson Mens collection

Long-term licensee Peter Black, which is best known for working directly with retailers on pre-agreed ranges, has taken a fresh approach to its business and is now adding a more broad approach to its product offerings. It is creating ranges for the wider market rather than solely developing direct to retail ones. While doing this it has recognised that licences used in this style of business need to be fresh, original and filling a gap.

A great example of this is the range of giftware based on the Spear & Jackson brand. A well-known and trusted brand of gardening tools, Spear & Jackson has credibility with consumers and an established retail presence. It hasn’t been overexposed in licensing terms. Peter Black has created a good range that is on trend in design terms, but also uses the brand well. It should be a natural for retailers such as garden centres. Peter Black should be applauded for trying to do something new.

Our hats(or should we say peaked caps) off to Ian Downes for his kind comments.


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